Friday, October 30, 2009

Judge Joffe refuses to step down

30 October 2009, 12:53

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Judge Meyer Joffe has refused to step down from Jackie Selebi's corruption trial.

And he has painstakingly rebuffed each of Selebi's 16 complaints of bias against him as "ill-founded", "baseless" and "most unfortunate".

In a decision that lasted over an hour, Judge Joffe also refused to withdraw his concerns about the alleged leaking of video footage of star witness Glenn Agliotti to a weekend newspaper.

While Selebi maintained the judge expressed more concern about the leaking of the recording than its contents, which are believed to further discredit Agliotti as a witness.

But Judge Joffe this morning rejected this argument, stating that he was entitled to express his concerns about how the footage came to be shown to a newspaper.

Addressing Selebi's apprehension that the judge should have intervened in prosecutor Gerrie Nel's conduct of the trial, Judge Joffe repeated his earlier sentiment that it was Cilliers' duty to raise such complaints and that he should have done so earlier.

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Comments by Sonny

This judgement is amazing!

Let's see how far an appeal goes now.

Justice will be seen to be done!

What is transformation in the judiciary?


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